Thursday, December 23, 2010

Busy time

As all my regular readers can tell, December has been a busy month for W2LJ!  Only four posts this month.  I can't remember a recent time when I have been so distracted.

With preparing for Christmas and with work having been a real bear lately, I have not touched the radio in weeks.  I haven't even joined in on the Foxhunting fun for the past couple of weeks.  I have been coming home from work so beat that the radio has not been a pull.  To make matters worse, radio-wise, I haven't even turned on the VHF/UHF radio in the car on since Thanksgiving, preferring to listen to Christmas music instead.

Add to that, the fact that I went for my "Pre-Admission Tests" today at the hospital.  Surgery is scheduled for two weeks from tomorrow, so I had the EKG and chest X-ray done, along with six vials of blood being drawn and the obligatory talk with the anesthesiologist (thank God for spell check for that one!).  Everything seems to be a "go" at this point, the last hurdle is getting formal clearance from my personal doctor for the surgery.  This all started out as his idea - so I am sure that won't be a problem.

The weather here has been colder than normal; and windier than normal, too, it seems.  Wind chills have been in the 20s and teens for most of December.  We also might see the first snow other than flurries arrive on Sunday, the day after Christmas.

All I can say is "Thank you God" for my two kids.  Their excitement and enthusiasm has kept me going.  Christmas truly is for kids.  I have ALWAYS enjoyed the Holiday, but it is just all that more special having Joey and Cara around.

Needless to say, with tomorrow, Christmas Eve, being an off day, I am looking forward to the three day weekend.  Speaking of Christmas Eve, that day was always so special, growing up in a Polish household.  I'll go into the reasons for that tomorrow, in honor of it being Christmas Eve.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Good morning Larry, yes it sure can be a very busy time of the year. It's now Christmas Eve and Im off until the New Year so plan on getting some rest. As for the Radio I hear you on that one.....I too have not seen the K3 for some time now. May have to break out the manual. We will be remembering you in our prayers regarding your operation. Merry Christmas to you and your family Larry and Happy New Year.