Sunday, December 26, 2010


What a day after Christmas surprise!

We are in the midst of what can best be described as a full blown blizzard.  Snow is falling at the rate of several inches an hour - horizontally!  The winds are around 30 MPH, sustained and there are gusts approaching 40 MPH.  I just got in from the first round of shoveling, and so far there are 5 inches of snow on the ground.  Visibility is very poor, approaching white out at times and the wind is like a slap to the face if you're facing the wrong direction.

The snowstorm is expected to intensify within the next couple of hours and finally abate early tomorrow afternoon.  Total snowfall amounts are expected to be around 12 - 14 inches; which I guess I can believe after my little snow removal session.

I will probably head out about 8:00 PM to get more off the ground before going to bed; and then will remove the remainder tomorrow before heading in for work.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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