Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Perfect together !

My lovely wife Marianne, gifted me with an Amazon Kindle for Christmas.  I love to read; and if I have free time and I'm not on the radio, then that's probably what I am doing.

"Good for you!" you may be thinking, "But what does this have to do with Amateur Radio?"

Everything!, As I found out much to my delight!  I can e-mail copies of the K9YA Telegraph and WorldRadio Online to my Kindle; and now I can take them everywhere!  I loved WorldRadio and I love the K9YA Telegraph; but I must admit that I find it a pain to have to read them while sitting behind the computer (of which I rarely get to use anymore, sharing it with my wife and two "tweens").  Even with a laptop or netbook, it's a bit of a bother.  The Kindle makes it a pleasure!  I can now take them anywhere with me, even to "the Library".

Also, since my Kindle is WiFi compatible I can keep up with the latest blogs and such through Google.  It's not as good as having a Netbook in that regard; but it's a nice feature to have.

I have already downloaded a free sample of "Three Hundred Zeroes" the book by Dennis Blanchard.  Since this involves his QRP experiences on the Appalachian Trail, I am seriously thinking of purchasing the Kindle version.

Usual disclaimer - I don't work for Kindle or Amazon.com - I am just very happy with my Christmas gift (that it's electronic and gadgety has nothing to do with it!  wink, wink, nudge, nudge!).

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Hello Larry

    Congratulations with your new Kindle! I have not yet decided if I'm going to get one for myself. I was thinking about reading SPRATs (from the G-QRP CD) on it but I'm not sure about the quality you get from scanned pdf's. Have you tried reading SPRATs on yours?

    72/73! Mads, la1tpa

  2. Congrats on the GREAT new toy Larry!

    There are a growing number of PDFs that work well on the Kindle - like NE1RD's full-length Buddipole Users book that's available for free download.


    73 de Jeff, KE9V

  3. Very nice gift Larry as a matter of fact my wife has done the same for me. She has order the wifi with 3G as well. Rumor has it the 3G is free anyway it has not arrived yet. We were told it gets held up at the boarder. Interesting to read some of the stuff you are able to do with it. Im getting all excited now waiting for mine. Do post anymore ham related stuff you come across for the Kindle.

  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    Hornet Nest is the third book.

    Have you read the first two?

  5. Nope - that's a stock photo of the Kindle. The only book that I've loaded (bought) so far has been "The Camel Club" by David Baldacci.

    I've read all the "Camel Club" books; with the exception of the first one. For some reason, the local library never had it.

    Larry W2LJ

  6. Hi Larry...been looking at this too and your comments about e-mail and the web make it a sale for me.
    Thanks for posting about this....

  7. Hi Larry,

    Bought one yesterday and am learning the basics now. It's a GREAT idea and I'm glad you posted about this....

    I've downloaded the entire January issue of "Monitoring Times" so far and find it works very well for me.