Saturday, January 28, 2012

A good day on the radio

'Twas a fine day on the radio.  Lots of activity and lots of stations to be worked.  I added a few new ones, new ones as far as working for Diamond DXCC goes, that is.

C6AKQ - Bob N4BP in the Bahamas
UT7UJ - Dmitry in the Ukraine
OE5PGL - Peter in Austria
CT8/HB9CQL - Rudolf in the Azores

and .........

HK0NA on 17 Meters this afternoon.

Yay! Finally managed to break through the pile up.  The team has been there a few weeks now and the pileups don't seem to be diminishing at all, they're still in great demand.  Today was the loudest I have ever heard them to date and was lucky enough to get them in my log.

I also spent a few minutes this afternoon working on the antenna setup that I hope to use next Saturday for FYBO.  I hooked up the Buddistick to the magmount and stuck it on top of the Jeep.  Using an antenna analyzer, I found the settings that I need to be at for SWRs of 1.2:1 on both 20 and 40 Meters.  I didn't make any QSOs but did do some listening.  I heard Ken WA8REI in QSO and his signal was so loud, I thought my ear drums were going to burst.  One of the few times that I actually had to turn the volume control on the PFR3A almost all the way down.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Congrats on the HK0. You get the VP6 or the TN yet?

    73 de KG2V

  2. Good afternoon Larry, I heard HK0NA last night on 17m and it was a huge pileup. So I did give it a try for about a half hour but to no use. I did have to work last night until about 6 this morning so I could not spend to much time on the radio. I find the antenna analyzers are the cat's whisker. I have never looked back after I purchased mine (MFJ 259B) they are just great at finding the sweet spot on the antenna by making as few adjustment as needed.

  3. No Congo or Pitcairn, yet ....