Tuesday, April 03, 2012

KD1JV Tribander

Doug Hendricks KI6DS has announced that Hendricks QRP Kits will have a new offering at Dayton this year - The Weber Tribander.

"Hendricks QRP Kits will be introducing a new CW Transceiver at Dayton this year. Steve will be in our booth, which will be at a new location: Booth Numbers 459 and 460 which is right next to the TAPR booth, and right across the aisle from the ARRL. You will want to stop by and say hello to Steve and take a look at the new kit."

? Any three ham bands, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17 or 15 meters, choose at time of order.
? 5 watts output on all bands with 13.8V supply
? Built in Iambic keyer with 5 to 40 wpm code speed, selectable Iambic A or B modes and two 63 character
message memories.
? Receiver sensitivity, 0.2 uV MSD
? DDS VFO for rock steady stability with 50 Hz and 200 Hz tuning rates
? Easy to read four digit LED display with leading zero suppression.
? Rotary knob tuning
? RIT (receive incremental tuning)
? Four IF crystals for excellent selectivity and opposite side band rejection
? 600 Hz audio filter
? Audio derived AGC
? Small size, 6" wide, 1.5" tall and 4" deep.
? Light weight, 12 ounces.
? Modest supply current requirements, 90 ma on receive (no signal) and 600 to 800 ma on transmit at 5W out
(current depends on band, higher bands draw more current)

Does that sound like a great radio? We think it does, and when you see the price, you will agree. The Weber Tribander will be introduced at Dayton, and the radio will include a Ken Locasale, WA4MNT, designed case of brushed aluminum that is pre-punched, drilled, includes a bail and ready to paint. And because it has a brushed aluminum finish, you can even leave it unpainted if you wish. The kit will include every thing you need to build it, and the SMT parts have been pre-installed, so you don't have to worry about it. This is a through hole kit for the builder, and if you have previous building experience, know how to solder and identify parts, will be a straight forward build.

Where else can you buy a 3 band CW Transceiver with RIT, Digital Display, Encoder Tuning, Case with bail, and everything needed to build it for $200? That is about $67 per band!! And, you get to pick the bands you want. In fact, you can buy 2 of them and have the equivalent of a 6 band radio for $400!! We will have kits at Dayton, and this year we will be taking credit cards, including Visa, Master Charge, Discover and American Express.

I am in the process of kitting right now, and will be getting the boards in 3 weeks. All of the parts are in, and the prototypes have passed all the tests. Steve built the final one Saturday, and everything works fine. Steve is coming to Dayton this year for the introduction of the rig, and we will be posting the manual in a couple of weeks at www.qrpkits.com so that you can take a look at his latest design. Don't forget that our booth has moved from the North Hall to the Ball Arena, which is where the ARRL booth is. We will be in Ball Arena 459 and 460. Stop by, say hello to Steve, Ken, Karen, Dean, Darrel and me. 72, Doug KI6DS"

As always - standard disclaimer that W2LJ has no financial interest in this - just trying to get the news out.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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