Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Warning - KX3 post!

For those of you who get irritated by Elecraft and/or KX3 related posts (and you know who you are!), better skip this one on by.

It was announced on the Elecraft KX3 e-mail reflector that kit shipments are still about two weeks out.  So as of now, I'm hoping that I'll get "that" e-mail right around my birthday.

I was hoping to have the radio built and ready to go for this weekend's QRPTTF.  Looks like it will be the PFR3A and the Buddistick.  On the bright side, QRPTTF will allow me to give the new lithium ion battery a workout this weekend.  Since it will be used only under QRP circumstances, I am thinking it should hold up just fine - no huge draws of current should be necessary.

I am also looking at very small. portable paddles.  The foot print of the KX3 is so small and my new battery is small, too.  I'd like to get a real small paddle and make my "portable pack" as super small and light as I can. I have a Whiterook MK-33 single paddle lever; and I also have a neat homebrew single paddle lever that a friend made for me.  Both work extremely well; but I was looking at the American Morse DCP paddle, which is right in my budget.  The American Morse Mini B paddle would be ideal - but is a bit pricey for me.

What keys do you guys use for portable ops?  Any good recommendations for under $75.00? Hey - no laughing!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Good morning Larry, the key that I use for portable op's is the Mini Palm paddle. I have found it to be a very smooth key. Also it hides away in it's enclosure for packing.

  2. i like the mini bulldog, nice and small and light

  3. Anonymous8:27 AM

    Hi Larry,

    why not a Palm Key ?

    It is a light and easy key to operate, give it a try.

    Best 73.

    David Quental

  4. Anonymous12:17 PM

    The Palm Radio Mini-Paddles maybe ?



    73 and succes !

    Patrick ON4CDJ

  5. Anonymous12:13 AM

    I'm using Doug Hauff's KK2 paddles. Once I got use to the angle of the paddles, all was well. It's not light, but it would survive getting run over with a tank!