Saturday, June 30, 2012

And the heat goes on ......

but definitely not quite as bad as yesterday.  The high for today was only around 94F - about 5 degrees cooler than yesterday.

Looks like we might get some thunderstorms tonight - I've got some chicken, potatoes and corn-on-th-cob on the grill.  Hope it waits until AFTER dinner is cooked!

Tonight's plan is to start working on the K3.  I'm really torn between using the KX3 and having some operating fun and the build of the new radio.  Another determining factor is that I am beginning to pack away the KX3 in preparation for vacation soon.  I need to finalize the logistics of my new Lowepro "portable ops" pack.  I'll try and shoot some photos or perhaps a video once I get the final configuration down.

Radio, key, battery and accessories aren't the problem.  The problem is figuring out which antennas to bring along.  This year the Buddistick and the magmount will ride along in the Jeep. But for hiking purposes, I think I will end up taking only the EFHW wires that I have pre-cut.  They take the least amount of space and are quick to set up - AND, they are proven, I have gotten decent results with them before, including some European DX last year.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Hope the evening of building the K3 when well Larry. Do bring along a camera on your vacation to get some shots of the setup.