Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fox hunt fun.


Both 20 Meter foxes worked within the first 10 minutes of the hunt.  That doesn't occur very often, but when it does it's gratifying.  The K3 (and the KX3) really makes it easy with those dual VFO knobs.  Hit split, listen on VFO A, dial up the transmit frequency with the VFO B knob and got to town.  No more hitting the A/B button and trying to deal with tuning two separate VFOs with one knob.  Probably a minor thing when you consider it, but oh so convenient!

The Maxpedition padded pouch arrived today and it is perfect!  Fits the KX3 just fine and will protect it from anything else that's in the knapsack.  Not that there's really that much in there, but I still worry about something jouncing around and doing damage.  I had the K1 in a "Tupperware" container all those years and it stayed looking mint.  I am sure this padded pouch will do the same for the KX3.

Antenna wire
Small SLA battery (and small gel cel charger - going to charge off the grid this year)
Lithium Ion battery
Autek antenna analyzer (to make setting up the Buddistick easier).
Pad and misc supplies
Wrist rocket

Still, that's enough to carry along when we go to Lake George later this summer - and for the Flight of the Bumblebees and the Skeeter Hunt as well.

The SLA battery is being taken as a back up only.  If the Lithium Ion performs admirably and gives me a decent amount of radio time between charges, the SLA will stay home in the future.  That would certainly lighten things up.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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