Tuesday, July 03, 2012

What a day!

'Twas one of those days at work where I felt like I was beaten with a pool cue, run over by a bus and then dragged in by the cat.

No kit building tonight as I am in recovery mode.  Tomorrow is a much needed day off. If the weather cooperates (scattered thunderstorms predicted all day), I will try to get some yard work done.

If it doesn't cooperate, well then, I guess I'll just have to spend time down the basement, working towards the finish line of the K3 build! Oh dear, how will I ever deal with that! The horror of not being able to do yard work in 90F+ weather is just too horrible to imagine!

The other day, I purchased on Amazon a 6X9 padded case for the KX3.

It ended up being about $10 dollars less than buying directly from the manufacturer.  The idea is to have a padded case to protect the KX3 when I use my CQ knapsack for hiking, rather than the Lowepro 150.  The CQ knapsack is less padded than the Lowepro, but will provide a little more room for accessories and antennas.

When we go up to Lake George later this summer, in addition to taking the EFHWs, I will also take the Buddistick and the magmount.  That combo has proven to be super in the past; but for that, I will need to take my Autek analyzer along, as that makes setting up the Buddisick easier.  No painter's pole like last year.  If I set up near the cabin, it will be the Buddistick - on the hiking trail it will be the EFHW tossed up a tree.  Obviously, I will be bringing my homebrewed wrist rocket with me, also.

Vacation can't come soon enough!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Good morning Larry, I hope the weather co-operates for you....having said that and reading your post not sure if co-operation is thunderstorms for the K3 build or sunny skies for yard work!! Maybe a little of both will come your way!

  2. Good choice! I love Maxpedition gear. I have a sling bag that I take everywhere now and it's holding up great.