Saturday, January 11, 2014


Sometimes I wonder if that's truly my problem, or if I just have too many irons in the fire.  I don't LIKE to put things off - it's just that sometimes I am forced to because something else comes up that has to be dealt with NOW. Then I lose my place and that's how things go by the wayside for me. Maybe I need to take courses in multi-tasking - do they offer those?  ;-)

Another thing that I did today (besides finish printing the Skeeter certificates) was to finally do something with my Christmas present.  That's right - I haven't written about my Christmas present, have I?

Marianne had no idea what to get me, so I made it simple for her. I made it super simple for her!  I ordered a set of SideKX cover plates for my "portable" KX3, the one I take to work with me everyday, and I had them sent here to the house to her attention. I installed them today (super easy!) and instead of sticking my KX3 inside a ziploc bag inside my LowePro bag, it is now protected by the SideKX.

The KX3 before surgery:

And the KX3 after surgery - now fully protected:

The silkscreening on the SideKX plates is virtually identical to the silkscreening on the original Elecraft side plates.  It would take an expert with a lot keener eye than mine to be able to see any differences.  The price was very reasonale for the extra protection that you get. Of course, I had to put the radio on the air after its operation, just to make sure I didn't screw anything up.  A couple of quick NAQP contacts on 20 Meters confirmed that I hadn't!

Oh, one other thing that I got to see today.  At this morning's VE session that I attended and helped at, fellow Volunteer Examiner Bob KB2VMG brought along his KXPA100 that had just arrived yesterday.  He ordered his as a pre-built unit in June.  I ordered mine as a kit in October.  I was hoping to have mine by the end of January, but if Bob just got his, which he ordered four months earlier than I did, I am now hoping to see mine by Easter.  Anyway, I got to see one live and up close and personal and got to drool for a little while!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Hans (BX2ABT / PA2BX)7:53 PM

    I would like to know if you don't find those side plates are getting in the way when you operate some buttons. E.g. I would imagine even powering up the rig would be more difficult because you always have to come up with your fingers from the top instead of the side (which is easier, I think). Hope you will comment on that. 73 de Hans

  2. With the SideKX plates and cover I notice you did not have the Elecraft keyed. I have this keyer and am interested in sideKX plates and cover but are you still able to use the keyer with the cover?