Sunday, June 01, 2014

Field Day stuff

Marv K2VHW and I met this afternoon to scope out the two parks we have in mind for Field Day. As I had mentioned before, our first choice is Spring Lake Park, which is the property of Middlesex County. That gazebo is huge! It can easily accommodate two large tables for operating, as well as supply space for observers and guests. In addition, there are trees that are close enough to support a full sized G5RV and another to support the EARCHI end fed (more about that later).

The other venue possibility, Putnam Street Park, is another excellent site. There is plenty of space, it has high visibility and plenty of traffic. Trees are plentiful and there are restroom facilities on hand. There's only one drawback - a lack of shelter. We would have to borrow or rent a multi-person tent, to have a place to operate in the case of inclement weather.

After I got home from our scouting trip, I decided to play for a bit, and try out that 53 foot radiator for the EARCHI antenna. I was hoping that if all worked out, this would be our CW Field Day antenna, as well as what I would use for FOBB and the Skeeter Hunt.

My experience today shows that that chart published by Balun Designs was spot on! I quickly got excellent matches with the KX3's auotuner on all the bands almost instantly. 17 Meters was the hardest band to match and that only took about two seconds to accomplish.

I made contact with Josh 6Y5WJ and CO0SS on 15 Meters and a PY2 station on 10 Meters. These were made with the antenna at a less than optimal height too, as I used my Jackite pole as the support. Once I get this baby up properly in a tree, it should perform even better.

After that, I worked on a design for a banner that we will use on Field Day. This is what I have come up with so far:

This is an 8 X 3 foot banner made from heavy outdoor vinyl, with grommets and wind slits. If I get approval from the rest of the Field Day Committee, I will place the order tomorrow evening.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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