Thursday, October 16, 2014

New backpack

I really love my LowePro 150 camera bag that I use to carry my "portable" KX3. It's padded, it has compartments that you can configure, it has just about everything you could want.  Except that it's starting to get a little crowded.  I can't easily carry the PAR END FEDZ and the EARCHI and a 25 foot roll of coax in there - just too tight.

Now, for everyday operating from the parking lot at work, that's not a problem, as I really don't need to carry the wire antennas with me - I use the Buddistick on top of the Jeep. But for weekend QRP expeditions, it becomes a dilemma. So for those weekends when I go to a park or somewhere remote, I picked up one of these:

It's a Krevis tactical backpack that I found on eBay for a very nice price. It's padded and while I can't make individualized compartments ala` LowePro, I can fit everything that I need for a Sprint's worth of operating away from home, or the Jeep.  There's even a special compartment in this pack for a hydration bladder (not included) that nicely fits the PAR and the rolled up radiator for the EARCHI.  Rather than plopping the KX3 in the bottom of the pack and piling all kinds of goodies on top of it, I have a padded tactical pistol case that fits the transceiver like a glove. So the KX3 actually ends up being double padded and even more secure than in the LowePro!

So while the weather up in the Northeast is getting ready to become Winter-like, I already have my eye on the prize and am keeping my eyes focused on next Spring and Summer.  I am hoping to make a trip or two to High Point, NJ to do a SOTA activation with Dave KD2FSI, one of the more recently licensed Techs from the South Plainfield Amateur Radio Club. He carries his FT-817 in something very similar to this, and I owe him for the inspiration.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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