Sunday, November 23, 2014

This could be a very good week for DX.

Next weekend is the CQ WW DX contest. Traditionally, this is the week the Big Guns, as well as those traveling to a DX location, specifically for the contest, get ready.

You may very well hear lots of good DX throughout this coming week, if band conditions remain as good as they have been lately.

This is the time for budding QRP DXers to make hay. The pileups should not be too, too fierce before the actual contest. This is prime time, if you're a QRPer who loves to chase DX.

The actual contest itself, is also a great opportunity. However, it's my opinion and observation that neophyte QRPers would do well to wait until the first 24 hours of the contest have passed.

By the second day of the contest, the CW "speed demons" generally tire a little and slow down their speed a bit. At the beginning of the contest, there are many stations who send CW at buzz saw speeds - not so much later on.

Also, on the second day, particularly towards the end, many of these monster contest stations are still looking to rack up as many points as possible. If your signal is on the weak side, it's at this point you are most likely to find stations willing to dig your signal out. Take advantage of that.

In any event, have fun! It is entirely possible for the budding QRPer  to get 1/2, if not more, of QRP DXCC done in a single weekend.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP  - When you care to send the very least.

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