Monday, April 06, 2015

A surprise through the mail!

One day last week upon arriving home from work, my some Joey greeted me with, "You got a package through the mail today."  My eyebrows immediately arched as I haven't ordered anything lately. It was a small brown box with a Customs sticker on it.  Now I was really perplexed as not only haven't I ordered anything, but I definitely haven't ordered anything from overseas.

Throwing caution to the wind, I opened it and found the following inside:

A coffee mug (or perhaps better - a tea mug) from Richard Newstead G3CWI, owner of SOTABeams. Thank you Richard, the mug is very much appreciated!

For those of you not familiar, SOTABeams is like a candy store for those of us who are into portable ops - particularly the SOTA operators among us. Richard offer antennas, antenna tuners, masts, antenna accessories - all with portable ops first in mind. Personally, I really like the variety of products that are available and I think I may be placing an order soon, as Richard ships worldwide.

Richard's products are afordable and have gotten great user reviews. I especially like his linked dipoles and Band Hopper antennas. And he offers a full line of SOTA patches, badges, window and bumper stickers.  You should check SOTABeams out!

The concepts seem simple enough, but when you find it all pre-assembled using quality materials at good prices (and designed and manufactured with the portable ops Ham in mind, to boot!), I have to admit, it takes away some of that urge to homebrew!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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