Monday, April 13, 2015

Odd ..... very odd.

I am going to be charitable and say that the bands were "in less than good condition" at the times I was available to play a little radio this weekend. I could use more "colorful" language, complete with the emotional expletives I felt like using at the time, but since this is a "family friendly" blog, I will refrain. However, the bands did their best "skunk act" on Saturday afternoon when I got on for a bit of operating.  I expected them to be wall-to-wall with Georgia QSO Party activity, but at most I barely heard a whisper. I heard no DX to speak of on any band 10-20 Meters and 30 Meters, for me, was noisy as all get out.

I was hoping for better conditions for the few hours I had available on Sunday - and indeed, the bands MAY have been better, but I'll never know. I got involved in something that stole my operating time away from me.

I brought the radio with me to work today. Hopefully, I will be able to break my desk/chain and will be able to get out to the parking lot during lunch break.

On to another matter - the one by which I came up with the title for this post. Late last night, I made a point to post the announcements for the April NAQCC Sprint, which is happening this Tuesday evening. I got all 20 announcements out except for one - the one to the KX3 Yahoo group. All the other Yahoo groups that I normally post to, took the announcement with no difficulty and nary a whimper.  I thought that perhaps, somehow the KX3 group wasn't appreciating the fact that I was using a bulk e-mailer, so I tried sending the announcement as a single, solitary e-mail. Same result - rejection. Then I went directly to the KX3 Yahoo group page, thinking I would post directly from there. Again, the ability for me to post to the group had been "turned off" for whatever reason.

This really has me stumped.  I don't post very often, and I have definitely NOT been involved in any flame wars or any other kind of nasty shenanigans on the e-mail reflector. Why I have been banned from posting is beyond me. I didn't even get any sort of note stating that my announcement would be looked at, approved and posted by the moderator. No, I've been outright shut down.

I have an e-mail out to the moderator, politely asking for an explanation. That could take days, however. Until then, this remains a mystery to me.

UPDATE:  I think I know the reason. I'm not certain, though, so I won't say anything about it for a few days in order to wait for an official confirmation of my suspicions.  I'll have more to say about this, then.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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