Tuesday, May 05, 2015

So how did I do?

As mentioned in my last post, last night I gave my "QRP - You and the Great Outdoors" presentation to the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club at their meeting in Union, NJ. This is a very active club that not only owns and operates the W2LI repeater, but it also very active in Amateur Radio on an all-around basis. I saw and spoke with different members about their interests and they seemed wide and varied. Emergency traffic handling, NTS traffic handling, building, VHF/UHF, HF, QRP, the digital modes, antennas and DX were just some of the topics I heard being bandied about the room.

In all, TCARC seems to be a vibrant club, which is a very good thing. We need more clubs like this.

After the formal meeting opening and introductions, the regular meeting was suspended and I was asked to give my talk.  I think it went very well.  The members of Tri-County were warm, friendly and receptive, so I was very much at ease. Of course it helps that I know a few of them from serving with them at VE sessions. But even the members I didn't know proved to be a most gracious audience.

The presentation itself lasted somewhat over an hour, I think. I wasn't really keeping close track of the time, but that's an estimation on my part. Throughout that time, I tried to keep everything light and fun, and I hope I was successful in imparting upon them the fun I have with QRP, particularly portable ops outdoors. I didn't see anyone stifling a yawn, or any "deer in the headlight" looks and my few lame attempts at humor elicited a couple chuckles, so I think I did an OK job. And there were several instances, particularly during the slide that contains Sean KX9X's YouTube video about the US Islands on the Air program, that got a few "Wow"s uttered. I think there was some genuine surprise at what QRP can accomplish.

I have added the Powerpoint to my Public Dropbox folder, so you can download it and view it, if you wish. It's a 23 MB file, so it's kind of on the big side. If anyone desires to use it as a club presentation (even though it's kind of tailored towards the NJ outdoor experience), feel free to edit it as you wish - just make sure to give good ol' W2LJ some credit for authoring it (or co-authoring if you REALLY modify it).

The URL is: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20875533/QRP%20Outdoors.ppt

Lunchtime was successful today as well, it was like icing on the cake.  I worked three stations - EG8TRV (again), A0150E in Spain and Serge RU1AF who had a splendid signal into NJ - like he was down the street!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Great presentation Larry. I loved all the photos and the breakdown of QRP Operating events. I could truly feel the enthusiasm in the presentation. I'm certain that you stirred up some interest as a result of the slideshow. Excellent job! Thanks for sharing it.



  2. Larry,

    I meant to add that YOU are what real Ham Radio is all about. Great Job!


  3. Nice powerpoint. Have been looking at it. Great promotion for outdoors QRP. 73, Bas

  4. What a great presentation. You've motivated me to get out more and enjoy some of the outdoors. Really well done!

    Dick K4FTW

  5. Gene K5PA7:02 AM

    I enjoyed the PPT file. Have a question on slide #23 and #37. Both show black box on my viewing. What photos go inside these boxes? Thanks for sharing to the community.
    Gene, K5PA

  6. The videos didn't survive the trip to Dropbox?

    The first would be: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JASu7h6YpfA

    And the second: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cxpa6rNJ6Lw