Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Something new from Elecraft?

Will Elecraft be introducing something new at Hamvention tomorrow? Seems like it to me. Eric and Wayne posted the following on Facebook:

Notice the use of tomorrow's date in the display. Also - the current black chassis radios in the Elecraft line are the K3 and the KX3.  Both use black screws on the bezel - not silver. AND the last character before the word "Transceiver" on both radios is a "3" ...... not an "s". Lastly, there's no current radio in the Elecraft line (that I'm aware of) that has that little "down arrow" above the VFO knob.

Seems to me that a major announcement is in the offing for tomorrow. I guess time will tell!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. That 5-14 date is Thursday. Hara Arena doesn't open until Friday, 5-15. However, the FDIM event takes place on Thursday, 5-14. So if the date means anything, perhaps we will see it here tomorrow... by the way, I'm here!

    73, Jeff KE9V

  2. Good point, Jeff. What amazes me is how many people on the Elecraft reflector are already opening their wallets - and they don't even know what it is! And if (big if?) the product is being unveiled on 5-14-2015 at FDIM, perhaps it's directly QRP related.

    Take pictures, like you did of the KX3. ;-)

  3. I'm on it. And if I have to drink a few beers in the hotel bar to get information, I'll do that too! :-)

  4. Can't wait to hear...I'll keep checking the blog tomorrow!!!! :)

  5. The new K3S transceiver. Replaces the K3. Details now on the Elecraft Web site. 73, Jeff KE9V

  6. Thanks, Jeff. The Ustream link this morning was pretty much useless - partial screen and no audio.

    Here's a link:

  7. Anonymous7:53 AM

    K3 and K3S look blocky. For me it is a little strange. Seemingly strong company, and have no idea on the appearance of the faceplate, thus, less professionally. The rich configuration, rather I will choose the TS-990S. Minor differences in performance and price Kenwood lower. I like to tinker, but the appearance K3s scares me and than buy it I guess.