Sunday, January 17, 2016

Another good NPOTA day!

But today's activity was as a chaser.  I worked the following today:

KM1CC - 40M CW - SS03 - Cape Cod National Seashore
K2JB - 40M SSB - BF03, TR10 - Cowpens National Battlefield, Overmountian Victory National Historic Trail
N1IMW - 40M SSB - WR23 - Lamprey Wild & Scenic River
WA3LAB - 20M SSB - NM05 - DeSoto National Memorial
NJ1F - 40M CW - AA15 - Kate Mullany National Historic Affiliated Area
AB2AH/P - 40M SSB - MP03 - Gettysburg National Military Park
AD0DX - 20M CW - TR07, TR11, TR14 - Oregon National Historic Trail, Santa Fe National Historic Trail, California National Historic Trail - a 3-fer!
KM1CC - 40M SSB - Just to say "Thank You" for the earlier contact.
N0TA - 20M CW - MN28 - Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument

I was going to activate TR23 - the Washington - Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historical Trail next Saturday. However. looking at the long range weather forecast on Weather Underground, they are currently calling for 1 - 2 feet of snow from next Friday into Saturday.  I'm sure that will probably change, but in any case, I have decided to activate the trail tomorrow.

W2LJ will put TR23 on the air tomorrow from 1700 - 2000 UTC.  I will be operating QRP CW, in and around the QRP Watering Holes, mainly on 20, 17 and 15 Meters. (14.060 MHz, 18.086 MHz, 21.060 MHz) I will try 40 Meters if I can get a wire up in a tree, depending on where I set up.  I may end up working from the Ashbrook Gof Course parking lot which is right on the trail, so it might just be the Buddistick and the 40 Meter Hamstick on the Jeep roof.  I will try to spot myself on the major DX Clusters as well as QRPSPOTS.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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