Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I just can't do it!

I hate it when someone on Facebook; or some other visual media decides to get "cute" and spell out Morse Code characters.  For instance this morning, I saw several:

....   .-   .--.   .--.   -.--      -   ....   .-   -.   -.-   ...    --.   ..    ...-    ..     -.   --.

which of course, translates to "Happy Thanksgiving".

I stared at that for minutes, and finally made the connection because of the holiday tomorrow.  I just cannot, for whatever reason, very easily translate visual Morse. I have to HEAR it.  I sit or stand there for minutes, slack jawed and mouth agape, trying to figure out what I'd be able to decode in a nanosecond, if I could just HEAR it!

I guess it's just me, becoming a curmudgeon in my old age.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Hi Larry, the same for me, I have to hear it. Happy Thanksgiving! 73 Paul PC4T

  2. 3 months in the new "downsized" home and still not on the air. UGH. Was able to do Peanut Power though /p. Working on an end fed. Hoping that will get me thru the winter. Balun installed at the peak of the roof, but need to borrow a long ladder to get up there and make the wire/coax connections. Happy Thanksgiving to the Makoski clan --... ..--- Ooops, sorry. Marc W4MPS

  3. happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Marc! I think you will find the end fed / 9:1 UNUN a quite workable solution. That's what you were using when you came to SPARC Field Day a few years back. In that case it was a 53 foot radiator. We've used that combination for 4 Field Days, now. 73 de W2LJ

  4. Believe it or not, there is a Youth Ham Radio discord, and a few people elected to have a CW-text only chat.

    Kids these days! :P


  5. I agree Larry as well, I have a very hard time looking at typed cw, it is the spacing that makes it very difficult for me to translate. The spacing above is much easier to read.