Saturday, February 15, 2020


This is what I sold the two keys for - an AlexLoop. I bought it from Peter NN9K for a very good price. My first impression is that it's not all that different from my home brewed loop, with one big exception - I can tune the 15 Meter band. Listening to P40L on 15 Meters, I was able to tune the SWR down to 1.5 to 1. I was not able to do that with the home brewed loop.

The home brewed loop is a bit easier to tune with the 6:1 gear reduction drive that I put on it. I will have to get used to how sharp the AlexLoop's tuning is. Just a slight touch will take you from an SWR of 25:1 all the way down to 1.5:1. If Alex could pack a reduction drive into that small box, he'd really have a winner.

I wanted this loop with the future in mind, I bought it for the long haul. Yes, there are times when portable ops will demand using it - in parks where wires are not allowed in trees, for example. But I'm thinking about some years from now. Marianne has mentioned moving if and when we ever retire. There may come a day when I'll be leaving in Senior housing or perhaps a condo or townhouse with an HOA. If that ever happens, there may come a day when this AlexLoop could be the difference between being able to operate or being off the air completely.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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