Friday, August 20, 2021

Maybe another time

 I recently purchased this from eBay.

It's an arborist's throw bag and line. I thought it would be a handy thing to take along to Lake George next summer in order to get my my 28' speaker wire antenna into a tree. I'd rather not bring the pneumatic launcher along, as it would probably raise too many questions. Being discreet is always preferred when you're a guest on someone else's property.

This Sunday was looking to be a relatively quiet day activity-wise. I thought I'd go over to Cotton Street Park and get some practice in. Yes, it will be quiet activity-wise, but not weather-wise. Looks like we're going to have a visitor.

Henri will probably not make landfall at New Jersey, but he will travel close enough to bring tropical force winds and periods of heavy rain all day Sunday. Not a good day to be at the park trying to throw objects into trees.

Maybe next weekend - we'll have to see how things play out.

72 de Larry W2LJ

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