Wednesday, June 29, 2022

13 Colonies coming up

 Next Monday we celebrate Independence Day here in the US of A - our nation's birthday. So, beginning on July 1st and running through the 7th (I think) is the 13 Colonies Special Event.

This has become a biggie, drawing a ton of participation from within and without the continental United States. The bands will be crowded and that's a good thing.

I, myself, will not be participating. I've done the clean sweep thing about three or four times now and have nothing to prove. I also have another reason, but won't go into that here, What would be cool, though, would be if somehow 13 Colonies and POTA could somehow combine efforts so that each colony would be activated from a park. Each program would benefit from the activity.

The weather for the holiday weekend seems to be a mixed bag - unsettled on Saturday with scattered thunderstorms, then clearing on Sunday and the best of the three days on Monday. Besides the normal household "stuff" that I have the honor of doing every weekend, I'd like to re-solder the joints on my MFJ-1982 end fed and then test that out.  I'd also like to go to Cotton Street park and get some practice in with the arborist's throw bag and line that I purchased at the end of last summer.

Our annual pilgrimage to Lake George is coming up soon, and I'd like to throw the PAR up into a tree behind our cabin, rather than just rely on the magloop as my sole antenna for the week. I'm going to need to get the feel of that bag down, so that I don't look like a fool, or worse, damage something.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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BTW ........ The new "header" photo. That was taken by my best friend from high school, Don, back in 1979 after I had upgraded to General.  You can make out my Heathkit HR-1680 receiver and next to that was a Kenwood T599. Underneath was my Realistic DX-160 receiver which I had from my SWLing days. On the other side of the HR-1680 were a clock (so it was close to 5:30 PM when Don took the picture), speaker and an MFJ VersaTuner, Model whatever. I have long lost the Ragchewer's Club Certificate and if my failing memory serves me, there was an ARRL Membership Certificate posted on the wall. If you look closely, KA2DOH had a little facial hair back in those days - I sported a mustache for a few years. Tried growing it back a few years ago, but it comes in all gray, so I ditched that idea.

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