Sunday, January 03, 2010

First things first

in the New Year; and in kit building.

I finally got some quiet time and was able to inventory the PFR3A kit. This is what everything looked like after I took it out of the box:

You can see the housing, circuit board, battery holders and components bag. Above the printed circuit board is the Hendricks Battery Status Indicator kit. As this stands, it is all well and good; but won't do much unless I put it together!

I used muffin tins and an egg carton to divvy everything up. I think that in the future, I will use egg cartons exclusively as you can close them, which is a good thing when small children and pets abound - less chance for an accident!

It might not look organized to you; but it is to me. I know where just about everything is located and I won't have too much trouble finding anything. Everything was there except for some nylon washers. I will stop by the electronic parts store on my way home from work one night this evening to pick some up. I will buy more than the six that I need. It's always good to have extra.

Hopefully tonight I can begin to install the very first few components. I might do that; or I might spend a little more time reviewing the construction manual. I have found in the past that thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the manual before building leads to fewer surprises during construction.

In any event, the first step of this journey has been taken. Hopefully, a new radio will be available soon; and hopefully I will be able to take you along with me on that journey.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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