Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Greenbrook Electronics

I stopped by the local electronics emporium on the way home from work this evening to pick up the following:

1) Solder Wick
2) A spool of 30 gauge enameled wire
3) 8 pin DIP sockets
4) A few 2n7000 transistors

I was able to get the solder wick and the wire, and sockets. They had no 2N7000 transistors or any equivalents, so it looks like I will be placing an order with Jameco.

The roll of solder wick was about $6, which really didn't surprise me. I was surprised by the price of the wire. A 1 lb spool (they sell it by weight) cost almost $22 !!! At least it's a lifetime supply. The DIP sockets were also pretty pricey - about $1.75 each. I think from here on out, I will be placing most of my orders through the mail. I'd like to patronize a local merchant; but wire, solder wick and some DIP socket (5) ran me over $40. That seem s kind of high to me. I mean I don't expect this stuff to be free; but I didn't think it was going to be as expensive as it was.

73 de Larry W2LJ

So ....... I did go to the Jameco Website and ordered the following:

10 - 2N7000
5 - LM386
10 - LM358
10 - 78L05
10 - 9V Battery Clips
20 - 8 Pin Dip Sockets ($0.13 a piece as opposed to almost $2 each at the store!)
20 - 14 Pin Dip Sockets
10 - 18 Pin Dip Sockets

All for less than half of what I paid today! It will take about a week to get here; but I'm not going anywhere; and it's good to re-stock the parts bin!



  1. My XYl got me a PRETTY purple Acer Aspire one for Christmas and I love it. I use it down stairs where it is warmer than my un heated radio shack room... I really enjoy yor writings so keep up the good work. My PFR 3 came up on the first go but it was DUMB LUCK I assure you hi de Paul N0NBD

  2. Paul,

    Love my Acer too! It's faster than the laptop I have down in the shack that runs Windows 2000. I think I am going to sell the shack laptop and use the Acer for portable AND shack logging.

    73 de Larry