Saturday, January 09, 2010

Group 2 progress

I got the chance to spend some time on the Group 2 build (receiver section) of the PFR3A today, between doing other things and going places. Actually, I got about half way done with Group 2. I am going to have to make a run to Radio Shack tomorrow; to hopefully find a BNC connector and some test probe tips. I'd like to make a test cable so that I can hook my frequency counter up to the PFR3A circuit board and make the required calibrations to the receiver section when Group 2 is complete.

I doubt I'll find test probe tips; but maybe some clip leads and the BNC connector will do in a pinch. I'm not looking for elegance; just some functionality. I could swear I already have a cable that would fit the bill. I tore the shack apart looking for it; but no dice. So I'm either dreaming that I have one; or I'll find it AFTER the PFR3A is completed, when I won't need it anymore! That's the more probable outcome.

73 de Larry W2LJ

Freezin' in NJ where it's currently 16F (-9C)


  1. I am betting you wish a fry's electronics was near by. they stock all of that stuff in a couple of brands!


  2. I wish I did; but it later occurred to me that I have everything I need already. A piece of coax with a PL259, a PL259 to BNC adapter and a set of test leads will allow me to do (crudely) what I need to do.