Thursday, January 21, 2010

Got me a Fox pelt tonight.

40 Meters was quiet tonight. That was good and bad. Quiet from the normal neighborhood QRN is a good thing. Quiet in the lack of hearing any other radio signals is a bad thing!

I tuned up and down the 40 Meter QRP Foxhunt slice; and I wasn't hearing anything. I was starting to sweat with worries about antenna problems; but then I came across some digi signals and some strong CW around 7.016 MHz. So I wandered back up to the hunting grounds to tune around very carefully; and heard Jim NØUR calling "CQ FOX" very weakly. (As compared to Tuesday, when he was one of the 80 Meter Foxes and was absolutely banging into NJ.)

I gave Jim a 449, which was probably more than I should have; and I heard him come back to me with a "QSL" that he had gotten my exchange. They must have good water or something up there in Minnesota, because Jim has an excellent pair of ears!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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