Friday, January 29, 2010

HRD - worth a look!

Thanks to Dave K2DSL, because of a comment he left on my post from yesterday, I am giving Ham Radio Deluxe a serious look. Although I do not have my rig hooked up to the computer for control, and I do not use the digital modes, the log book part of the program is REALLY nice!

The log book part features a grey line indicator ( a little world map with current day/night data), a DX Cluster window as well as the standard log book window. It seems like it can be customized in just about any fashion you could come up with and the price is right - free!

The program was written by Simon Brown HB9DRV. I remember reading a lot of posts from him; back in the days when I used to subscribe to the Elecraft mailing list (before it became the K3 mailing list). He has obviously put a lot of sweat, blood and tears into this program. It seems to look and feel as good as any commercial program out there. In fact, it probably gives some of those expensive programs a run for their money! The beauty part is that it seems to be very user friendly, intuitive and will not require a steep learning curve.

I haven't given up on Win-EQF just yet; but HRD looks like a program I could become comfortable with in a hurry. And if I ever decide to add the RS-232 interface to my K2; or the SSB board for that matter, this program would be able to handle both controlling the rig and providing me with the digital modes.

73 de Larry w2LJ


  1. Hi Larry, HRD is a very nice program, especially for the logbook. I prefer version 5. The only thing is that I had a problem with the backup. Once my computer crashed the backup file was corrupted, so I lost a lot of information. Now I use a Excel spread sheet, with filters etc. and it works fine for me. Once a week I make a backup on a memory stick.

  2. Paul,

    Thanks for the comment. I have always been scared of losing data; that's why I insist on running the same logbook program on a second computer as a back up. I also keep my logbook files on a memory stick; so that if the unthinkable happens, I am not at a total loss.

    73 de Larry W2LJ

  3. Larry, I just moved from AClog to HRD and glad I did. I wanted a program that was all inclusive and keeping up with the changes in the hobby. HRD is not for a memory challenged computer but since I operate mostly CW and digital, it was just the ticket. I'm looking forward to a better interface with LOTW (should be coming in the future) and a few other small things. I'm very happy with the change and I'm sure you will be. I back up my entire log to an external drive and I also upload the ADIF file of my entire logbook to my website on a regular basis. I enjoy your blog! 73 from Alaska.

  4. Hi Larry, I use HRD for years now. Still prefer version 4 as it has some features that are not implemented in v.5. I make a back-up every day on a memorystick. If you send eQSL for every QSO you make you can also donwload the complete log from So actually I got a double back-up.
    73, Bas

  5. I'm a Mac guy who normally has to be forced at gunpoint to use Windoze... but I like HRD so much I've actually put a PC in the shack for the sole purpose of running HRD and DM780. That's how good it is!

    73 de WW2PT