Thursday, January 14, 2010

A new offering

Just wanted to make sure you all noticed the new addition to the blogroll, "MK1TA's QRP ham radio blog", by Dom Baines MK1TA. My recommendation is that you visit this blog often and spend some time there. Dom is an accomplished builder and his blog is well worth the time spent there. Dom is a treasure trove of information for today's QRP homebrewers. I wish my projects came out looking so good!

On a much more serious note, for those of you out there who are moved by the devastation that has been visited upon the people of Haiti; and you feel that you'd like to help in some way, I'd like to make a suggestion. You might want to consider donating to Cross International Catholic Outreach.

Cross International comes and speaks before our Church community every summer. What impresses me the most about them is that 99% of your donation will go to help the needy. The other 1% goes towards actually transporting the food, medicine, or medical equipment that they provide. Personally, I tire of giving to organizations who claim to help, only to find that their administrators get too healthy a salary, when that money should be going to the needy. With Cross International, you can safely feel that those in need are getting the "biggest bang" from your buck.

I know times are tough here; but what we're going through is nothing compared to the people of Haiti.

One last mention about the blogroll. I try to list the blogs that I feel are worth your time and effort to investigate. There are a lot out there that I haven't discovered yet; but if I do, and I feel that it's a blog worth your time and trouble, I will link to it here.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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