Monday, May 01, 2006

All Work & No Play

makes W2LJ not happy! It was a nice day today; sunny and in the high 60s. I would have liked to fire up the K1 at lunchtime. Unfortunately, I had to go to the local nursery/landscape shop and order 2 yards of topsoil. There is much needed yardwork to do this weekend, filling in trenches in the backyard that my dog has been digging all winter long, as well as planting new grass seed in bare spots and covering the seed with topsoil.

But I am excited about tonight. It's the first Monday of the month; so tonight is the monthly Spartan Sprint; sponsored by the Adventure Radio Society. This evening marks their 10th anniversary; so in honor of this, some of us were invited to apply for special event callsigns to be used in the Sprint tonight. I applied for and received W2S. So for just tonight, I will be signing as W2S instead of W2LJ. In fact Tom, K3TW the assistant contest manager managed to find applicants for all KXS, NXS and WXS callsigns for all 10 callsign districts! There will be 30 ARS members working the Sprint tonight with special 1X1 callsigns.

So how long will it be until I botch things and sign W2LJ? :)

73 de Larry W2LJ (W2S for tonight!)

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