Tuesday, May 02, 2006

ARS Spartan Sprint

As I mentioned in a post yesterday, last night was the 10th Anniversary Sprint for the Adventure Radio Society. Thirty members requested and received special event 1X1 callsigns; I was W2S for the night. And yes, I did screw up at times, ALMOST sending W2LJ !!!

But from the activity on the bands; to comments already posted to the QRP-L e-mail reflector, a good time was had by all. Propagation conditions must have been exceptional last night; as I have not heard so much activity in an ARS Spartan Sprint in months! Maybe it was a case of our group creating our own propagation by heating up the ionosphere with our RF; but something was clearly working last night. I got a late start by a few minutes, as I had to watch the end of an inning of the Mets game; but in just under two hours, I completed 49 QSOs. I'm not a big time contester; so that may appear to be a pretty wimpy tally by most. For me that's pretty darn good.

I kept switching between the HF9V and the G5RV all night long. The K2's mojo must have been working too. I guess the farthest DX I worked was Doc KØEVZ in New Mexico on 40 Meters and Randy K7TQ in Idaho. Both of those guys are superb ops; it was no surprise that they both had exceptional signals; and good fists to boot!

I'll be posting my score to the ARS Spartan Sprint Autolog sometime tonight.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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