Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spartan Sprint Revisited

As I've posted before, the 10th Anniversary Spartan Sprint was held Monday night. I used my K2, an Emtech ZM-2 antenna tuner, a Whiterook MK-33 paddle and an even smaller and lighter SLA battery that my friend W2WK gave me. All in all, my station weight was under 5 pounds.

My antennas were my G5RV and my Butternut HF9V vertical. Here's the log:

20 Meters

0101Z K8S/K4BAI 579 GA 5W
0107Z K4EJ 559 FL 5W
0109Z K7S/K7TQ 559 ID 5W
0113Z N4S/N4BP 599 FL 5W
0115Z W5ESE 559 TX 5W
0119Z NØS/NØEVH 559 MO 5W
0127Z WK2G 559 FL 5W
0129 K6S/K6III 559 CA 5W
0136 N3JV 559 FL 5W

40 Meters

0141Z KØEVZ 559 NM 3W
0142Z N9S/N9NE 559 WI 5W
0143Z W3DP 579 PA 5W
0144Z VA3NR 559 ON 5W
0147Z WA8BXN 559 OH 1W
0151Z NU4I 599 VA 4W
0154Z W4UH 559 NC 5W
0156Z K8WDN 559 OH 5W
0156Z W9S/WA9TZE 559 WI 5W
0157Z WA1VGB 559 ME 1W
0159Z AF4LQ 579 KY 5W
0202Z KB2FEL 579 WV 5W
0203Z W1LIC 599 ME 5W
0206Z N8VW 559 OH 5W
0207Z W8S/WA8REI 559 MI 5W
0215Z K8DD 599 MI 5W
0217Z K4QO 559 NC 5W
0219Z WK2G 559 FL 5W
0223Z NK9G 559 WI 5W
0225Z N8S/AA9SN 599 MI 5W

80 Meters

0227Z K1S/NA8M 559 ME 5W
0229Z N3S/N3AO 559 PA 5W
0232Z KB2FEL 599 WV 5W
0236Z K3S/K3ESE 599 MD 5W
0237Z N1S/W1PID 559 NH 3W
0238Z W3DP 599 PA 5W
0239Z AB1AV 579 NH 2W
0240Z VE3IGJ 559 ON 5W
0241Z KA3WMJ 599 PA 5W
0242Z W1KX 579 ME 3W
0244Z K3MZ 599 VA 5W
0245Z W2SH 599 NJ 5W
0246Z W8YMO 559 OH 5W
0249Z N2S/KD2MX 559 NJ 5W
0251Z W4S/W1MT 559 VA 2W
0255Z N4S/N4BP 559 FL 5W
0256Z K8DD 559 MI 5W
0258Z W3S/K3TW 559 MD 5W

I apologize for the columns not being even!

Anyway, not too shabby! 49 QSOs with 20 different states/provinces worked. But, I'm just a goldfish swimming in a sea of world class QRP ops who are like graceful and speedy dolphins. I doubt that I'll finish among the top twenty. But I had a good time and in the end, that's all that counts. I'm honored to have been invited to be one of the stations asked to get a special event callsign!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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