Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February Poll Results

The poll for February on my Website was:

"How much of the time do you use CW?"

Here's the talley:

100% - I was born with a key in my hand! - 11 votes or 57.89% of the vote.
75% - I love CW but dabble with other modes. - 7 votes or 36.84% of the vote.
50% - I like CW just as any other mode! - 1 vote or 5.26% of the vote
25% - I prefer talking to pounding brass. - 0 votes, 0%
0% - Who was Morris and is his code like the DaVinci Code? - 0 votes, 0%

Only 19 votes last month as opposed to over 50 last month. Hmmmmm ...... okay, maybe it wasn't as popular a question as I thought it would be. For March, I'll do something with antennas.

I'm glad to see that 100% users of CW made a strong showing in the poll, regardless!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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