Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hendricks QRP Kits

I suppose there are a few QRPers out there who might not know .......

Doug Hendricks KI6DS of NorCal QRP Club fame has his own Web based business going. It's called "Hendricks QRP Kits" and Doug offers a lot of neat kits at really super reasonable prices.
In fact, Doug just introduced a new kit yesterday, the SLT Tuner. This tuner is designed to match longwire antennas and it uses an "L network" design. The price, $35.00 plus S&H, is hard to beat.

Doug offers other goodies, including a kit for a software defined radio, too - the FireFly SDR. Do yourself a favor and at least go visit his sight:

Don't blame me if you find yourself dropping a few bucks there! But I think I can guarantee that if you do; you'll be pleased with what you've acquired!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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  1. Hello from Saskatchewan Canada. Do you have any pics or links to sites where I can see what some of these kits look like when complete and actually transmitting & receiving? Thanks Mark