Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Spring must be close!

Last night was a good one in the 80 Meter Foxhunt. I managed to nab both pelts. Jerry N9AW and Dave N1IX are both top caliber QRP operators; so it was a relatively easy night.

But the noise that's making its comeback on 80 Meters! Wow! You can tell that Spring, with its abundance of unsettled weather and thunderstorms is on the way back. The static crashes were bad enough at times to make me wince as I was attempting to break the pile-ups. I'm glad I did not have my headphones on last night.

The Winter Foxhunt season is rapidly coming to a close. There are only about three weeks left after this week. As always, there will be some "Foxhunt Letdown" after the season is over. Undoubtedly, there will be a Summer season of 20 Meter hunts; but for whatever reason, it's not quite the same.

The Foxes on 80 and 40 Meters deserve a great big hand. Contending with the bands during this sunspot lull has been no piece of cake, by any stretch of the imagination. Sitting there and faithfully calling CQ while trying to dig out callsigns from a very unforgiving ionosphere can be a tedious job. Fortunately for us Hounds, we've had a bumper crop of tenacious and able bodied QRP operators who endured on our behalf. To call them the "Cream of the Crop" is no exaggeration - by any means! Thanks to all the Foxes and all the Hounds who were willing to chase the quarry!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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