Wednesday, April 23, 2008

40 Meters has been good lately

Local neighborhood QRN-wise, that is!

I hate to jinx myself; but my Winter time S9+++ QRN on 40 Meters seems to be gone for now. This has me convinced that it has to be one of my neighbor's heating systems. Ever since it has warmed up in the evenings, the band has been its old self.

I had three QSOs tonight, once decent one and two shorties. One of the shorties was with HI3AB who was 599 out of the Dominican Republic. He was really hammering in here; but the QSO wasn't much more than "RST, TU, 73 .....QRZ?" I really don't care for such brief QSOs; but I like the challenge of working somewhere other that the mainland U.S.A. with QRP.

I wish the band was as busy during the daytime! Once again, I ventured out to the park during lunchtime with the K1 and PAC-12. Didn't hear much of anything and wasted battery power calling CQ for nothing, 40 Meters was dead and 20 Meters was even deader !!!

Maybe once the sunspots really pick up ........

73 de Larry W2LJ

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