Wednesday, April 09, 2008

No joy in Mudville

It was a partly cloudy day here today, with temperatures topping off at around 48 degrees F. I decided to head out to the park by work at lunchtime for the first QRP session for 2008.

No joy today; but it was a good excersize, nonetheless. I got the PAC-12 up and ready to go quickly. Heck, I had the entire station set up in under 5 minutes! There were some loud signals on 40 Meters; but no one seemed to hear me. 20 Meters wasn't much better; and no one answered my CQs.

It was chilly, though! And not making any contacts made it feel all that much chillier. But tomorrow, the highs for the day are supposed to be around 70 degrees F. Ands it's supposed to be sunny, too. The battery is charged and the radio is ready to go. You can bet your bottom dollar that barring having to work through lunch, I'll be out there again tomorrow, looking to put that first "portable ops" QSO in the log for 2008.

73 de Larry W2LJ

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