Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Got one!

I bagged only one QRP Fox tonight. And this time, common sense prevailed. I worked John K4BAI, ten minutes into the hunt. John is closer to me - GA is a lot closer than WY; and John has excellent ears (not to infer that Dale WC7S does not).

I was only able to hear Dale at ESP levels. For the uninitiated, this means that I was able to locate him; but his signal to me was so weak that I was not able to make out any details. It would have been foolish and selfish to keep throwing out my call for no reasonable chance of working him. However, the hounds that were chasing him from VA,MD, MN, and WI were coming in way over S9.

Again, Thursday night is the 40 Meter hunt. I have my fingers crossed; but am not holding my breath. During tonight's hunt I popped on up to 40 Meters for a quick listen; and good ol' reliable 20 over 9 QRN was there. Phooey!

73 de Larry W2LJ

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