Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who wudda thunk it?

Two more posts to go and I match my most prolific blogging year of 2006.

Possibly my most briefest post (2 lines) has attracted a record number of comments - 18 so far. I don't think any "on topic" Amateur Radio posts have generated anywhere near that number.

Some day I am going to have to try a one word post to see what happens!

Still no word from Hendricks QRP Kits with regards to the PFR3. I placed my order 30 days ago and the Website still says "Temporarily Out of Stock". I believe that I read somewhere that the target date for shipping was mid-October. We're at that point now; and I have decided to let it go until Halloween. If I don't get so much as a courtesy e-mail by then, I will ask for my money back. No harm no foul.

I understand that Doug KI6DS is a one man operation who still teaches full time and coaches basketball (and yes, has a family and a life); but if you wish to run a successful business in addition to all of that, then just maybe it's time to fish or cut bait. To rely upon the goodwill of the market endlessly and to expect inexhaustible patience from your market is not a good or realistic business strategy. Maybe it's time to find someone who might like to volunteer to "help out" and keep things moving?

The other alternative, of course, would be to cut back the product line and not offer as much, in the hopes of being able to manage it better and prevent it from becoming overwhelming. But, what the heck do I know?

73 de Larry W2LJ


  1. I wondered whether to comment about this, as a couple of folks took exception to my making negative comments about a QRP business, but both my experiences with QRP Kits were disappointing. The DC20B had a couple of faults including a keyer chip that most people on the DC kit Yahoo group found to be faulty. That problem was solved for me when the moderator of the group sent me an older chip to try, but I never had a response from Doug nor saw any posting that it had been solved for the other people.

    Then I bought an SWR bridge and was sent completely the wrong kit just before they went on a 2 month holiday. That email was never answered either, but the problem was solved by one of my blog readers who sent me a kit he had purchased at Dayton.

    Obviously Doug is a busy man, so I'm not going to take up more of his time with my problems, but I won't be buying anything more from him either.

  2. >Possibly my most briefest post (2 lines) has attracted a record number of comments - 18 so far. I don't think any "on topic" Amateur Radio posts have generated anywhere near that number.

    I'm guilty as charged! :-)

    I found that my most commented blog post was about healthcare and not any of my amateur radio articles. I don't know if that good or bad. Perhaps it's just that many of us from different walks of life and different viewpoints come together in a common interest of amateur radio.

    Anyway, you run a good blog, Larry, and congratulations on your accomplishments. Unlike other watering holes on the web, your site is an asset to amateur radio.


  3. I've got a PFR-3. Great rig. You'll enjoy it! Keep up the good work on your blog.

    Steve W6EOD

  4. Keith, WA5LPW6:15 PM

    The PFR-3 will be worth the wait! I have just finished the build on mine. I have made about 10 contacts so far and it is a lot of fun to use. Today I was in the backyard using a 40 meter dipole made from speaker wire!

    Anyway, Doug was responsive to my request for a replacement and missing part. It did take time but it was answered. In the end I am very pleased with the radio and can't wait to take it on my camping trip in 3 weeks!
    73, Keith, WA5LPW