Monday, November 29, 2010

Steve WGØAT, Peanut & Rooster go on hiatus

It was announced on several of the various e-mail reflectors that Steve WGØAT will be going on hiatus with regards to producing new "Rooster and Peanut" videos.

The one that appears directly above will be the last for a while. Steve noted that after all the planning and shooting are done, that it takes another 30 - 60+  hours of post production work to get the editing and audio recording done. That's an amazing amount of work and is truly a labor of love!  We are very fortunate to be able to go to YouTube at any time and watch his fine library of videos that he has produced up until now.

On the bright side, Steve has promised that after taking some time off to get back to doing some of the other things that he loves to do; that we will see more of him and Peanut and Rooster in the future.

Thanks, Steve, Peanut and Rooster for all the enjoyment that you have provided for us throughout the years.  And thanks for all that you've done to promote QRP and portable ops using various set ups and antennas.  I'd dare say that you've been an inspiration to a lot of us.

As far as the CQ WW DX contest from this last weekend goes, I did not put any time in other than just a few minutes.  There was so much to do this past weekend that I just couldn't find the time.  But it was encouraging and enjoyable to see so many QRPers tell of their experiences via the various QRP reflectors.  On the PFR3 reflector, I enjoyed the story of one gentleman in particular, who after making a bunch of contacts, decided to scrap the 100 Watt rig for his PFR3.  He amazed himself by the success he had via QRP.  When the propagation is good, there's nothing as satisfying as working DX with just a few Watts.

I did get on 10 Meters on Sunday just for the halibut.  I worked Uruguay and a few other South American countries with 5 Watts; and they were really booming in.  Makes you yearn for even more sunspots and more activity on 10 Meters!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Steve, Rooster, and Peanut's adventures are the best! Professional quality videos all the way.

  2. Hi Larry, great video. Nice peace of (art) work. I wonder how he can upload a video of 11:28 length. While Youtube video's are limited to 10 minute video's. How did he do that? 73 Paul

  3. Bob K0NR9:37 AM

    My sources tell me that the real story is Rooster is holding out for more oats before doing any more videos.