Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Comfy chair

I picked up the office chair that I had ordered from Staples on Saturday. It is their Lockridge Manager's chair which is currently on special. It normally goes for $89.99, but is $50.00 off for an online price of $39.99.

It is definitely filling the bill. I spent 90 minutes behind the key tonight hunting Foxes on 40 Meters. Not only did I bag two pelts, but when I got out of the chair to head upstairs, my back and hips gave nary a whimper. This sure is a far cry from that folding metal chair that I was using. When I would get out of that thing, I felt like I was ready for either a walker or a chiropractor.

Band conditions were so-so. Both Foxes were loud for a good portion of the hunt, but at times the QSB was tough to deal with.  I am also pretty sure both Foxes had high local QRN to deal with as each one was asking for multiple repeats of exchange information. Once again, persistence paid off and both Foxes were worked. Hats off to Paul K4FB and TJ W0EA.

I am going to be placing an order in the next few days with either Mouser or Jameco for some parts.  There are plans in the latest Sprat for a rather simple 40 Meter WSPR transmitter. I don't plan to get too involved with the mode, but it looks like a rather easy build, and I am itching to really homebrew something.

I haven't built anything in a while that wasn't pre-kitted. I enjoy the process of buying and gathering the parts. From the looks of the article, this seems to be a project that lends itself well to perf board construction. I already have an ample supply of NE612s, so this will be a purchase of various needed resistors and capacitors, depending on whatever is not already in my junk box.

The final cost should be way under what I have seen some kit prices going for.

73 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Good morning Larry, I have the same chair and have had it for over a year now. Very com-fee and has held up very well. I did take the arms off the chair as I was not able to get close to the desk. The arms would come in contact with the desk and stop me from getting nice and close. Other than that it's a great chair.

  2. *SNORTS* I sit on an upsidedown bucket in my shack.
    My wife tells me I am forbidden from having any comfortable chairs in my shack for fear of never seeing me again. Of course, she cooks to good for me to ever consider abandoning the regular domicile.