Thursday, February 14, 2013

Shack pictures

Overview photo showing the new chair.  I also shifted everything on the bench top to the left.  I picked up a used 19" flat screen monitor for $40 from eBay.  I put that at the right end of the bench top.  The tiny screen of the Netbook was giving me a hard time due to the age/eyes thing.

Kind of a "View from the Operator's Position" kind of shot.

Frontal view - K3 in front, KX3 right above. Elecraft Hex Key to the right, SKCC Straight Key to the left. HRD is running on the new monitor.  To the immediate right of the KX3 is a Fox Hunt "mascot" Ty stuffed animal. To the left of the KX3 is my Radio Shack amplified speaker for the K3, my OHR WM1 Watt meter. All the way to the left is a Yaesu 2 Meter radio (for those rare times that I get on 2 Meters).

Bottom line is that it's still a basement shack in an unfinished basement.  No wall to wall carpeting, finished ceilings or fancy paneling on the walls.  But it is where I spend a lot of time, so at least it's pretty neat and clean, now.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. I'd move the stuff from under the desk so I could have my legs under the operating desk. I have a little footstool under mine which I kick back on while operating. Just a little ergonomic suggestion.

  2. Hi Larry, you have a great shack. I see you use HRD for logging as well. You need to use the magnifier glass a little more.... ;-) Looks like it has not been used for ages. 73, Bas

  3. Larry,

    It looks good. I'm sure the larger monitor is a big help.
    I've never seen 'adjustable vent pipe elbows' supporting a shelf.
    That's a new one on me.

    Bill N5AB

  4. Good evening Larry, it looks great and the monitor adding on to the net-book is a great idea. I did notice the KX3 is on a that the niffy stand?? I have one and it seems to me the KX3 sits on a bit of a slant. Very nice looking setup and as for the chair as I posted on your blog before I have the same and it's great. So great I have to get the cat out of it as he thinks it's his new home.
    Have a nice weekend Larry