Wednesday, October 09, 2013

New KX3

My "new" KX3 arrived on Monday.  Fast shipping from Brian K3USC (a word about that later). It is in immaculate condition, just as he described.  I took it to its new home in the basement shack, fired it up, loaded up the latest firmware and programmed the CW memories.  My first QSO was with MWØEDX in Wales, and I busted a small pile up to accomplish that. This little guy is going to get quite the workout in the W2LJ shack. What's nice is that since this KX3 will be permanently connected to a standard power supply, I can leave the display backlight on all the time.  My portable always has it off, to maximize battery life.

A word about shipping.  Brian and I both took our rigs to the Post Office and each of us shipped via Priority Mail within an hour of each other.  The KX3 got to South Plainfield on Monday.  Unfortunately, the USPS in New Jersey doesn't seem to work as quickly as the USPS in Ohio does.  By the end of the day on Monday, Brian's new radio had just left the state, outbound for Ohio. Fortunately, it arrived in Ohio yesterday afternoon and got delivered today.

I guess Priority Mail, like propagation, is not reciprocal.

I had a great QSO last night with Brian KB1QZA who hails from the Boston MA area.  I received an e-mail over the weekend in which Brian explained that his CW skills were a bit rusty and he wanted some practice. We met on the air last night on 40 meters.  We ended up having a delightful rag chew for over an hour. Brian's CW skillset was nowhere as rusty as he thinks it is.  He was good copy and his fist was good, and I hope we have a chance to do it again.  Last night, our QSO centered mostly on CW and Ham Radio.  I would like to learn more about his work as he is a Professor of Biology at Boston University.  I am sure that's fascinating stuff.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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