Monday, October 28, 2013


Some things I have been meaning to pass on:

The first concerns a contest that will be held this coming Saturday - November 2nd.  As Greg N4KGL explained to me:

RaDAR is Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio. This Saturday November 2nd is the 2013 Fall RaDAR America Contest. This is not your usual contest. The contest encourages rapid deployment and redeployment but there are several categories for you pleasure. Bottom-line is if you want to have some fun between 9AM and 1 PM CDT (1400 - 1800 UTC) Saturday read on.

So go RaDAR on foot, mobile,  portable or operate fixed. RaDAR participants will be lucky to find other RaDAR participants so fixed stations are encouraged to participate. The exchange is Callsign, Name, RST, City State (Grid locator preferred). I spared you all the details but they are at

All hams can play and it would be cool for many of you to disperse to various portable ops locations. Pick your favorite. I will be at St Andrews State Park FL and will be foot mobile on the beach. I will move 1 kilometer for every five contacts. I plan to operate around the following frequencies

40m CW 7055 kHz SSB 7185
20m CW 14055 kHz SSB 14342.5
15m CW 21055 kHz SSB 21437.5
10m CW 28055 kHz SSB 28400
2m FM 145.565 Simplex

Greg N4KGL

I will admit, the concept is cool and this looks like a ton of fun.  I have so much already planned for this weekend, that I will be hard pressed to squeeze it in.  But if I can find the time, I will definitely join in on the fun.

Secondly, I came across this site, which is run by Steve Roberts W1SFR.
I especially think Steve's QRPads are a great idea!  Neat way to stack QRP rig, tuner, watt meter, etc. Steve also sells his own version of a KX3 stand, and he also sells a fully assembled version of the antenna and 9:1 UNUN that I am currently in the process of building.

That's it for tonight. Fortunately, 10 Meters was still hopping today during lunchtime.  I worked Italy and Hungary again today  Currently the SSN is over 200 and the SFI is at 159.  I sure hope these conditions stay with us for a while. It does a body good to hear so much activity on the bands. Reminds me of my Novice days back in the late 70s.  Back then, it took a bit of effort to find an open frequency!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!


  1. Thanks so much for the plug Larry! I've already made some changes so folks can order multiple units and save some money in shipping charges. The QRPad's only weigh about 1.5oz, so I can ship a few together and save a bunch on mailing costs and pass it on to the buyer. 72, Steve W1SFR

  2. N4KGL's Revised Frequencies for the RaDAR Contest

    40m CW 7055 kHz SSB 7185
    20m CW 14050 kHz SSB 14342.5
    15m CW 21050 kHz SSB 21437.5
    10m CW 28050 kHz SSB 28400
    2m FM 145.565 Simplex

    N4KGL's Revised Frequencies for the RaDAR Contest