Thursday, April 24, 2014

Doing the math

I've been doing some investigating with my computerized logbook.  In the over 11,000 entries that I have in it, I took the time to tally the numbers for CW QSOs vs. Non-CW (Digital, Phone) QSOs. CW makes up for 98.7% of my operating.

Speaking of computerized logbooks, I am playing around more and more with Log4OM and am taking a liking to it.  It may soon become my full time computer logging software.  I still have a few issues to work out - such as why the distances displayed are in kilometers even though I have the "display distances in miles" checkbox checked. Also, I have to get the program to hook up with LoTW and eQSL.  I think those are minor issues, especially after watching the YouTube videos on the subject by Terry G4POP.

Additionally, Ham Radio Deluxe has developed a glitch which has me puzzled.  When I have the Cluster display open, if I click on a DX station that is on a band other than what I am currently on, the KX3 will go to that station and then immediately back to where I am/was.

Let's say I just worked W1AW/1 on 7.038 MHz, and I see on the Cluster that EM7XX is on 14.004 MHz.  If I use my mouse to click on EM7XX, the KX3 will go to 14.004 MHz, but then will immediately go back to 7.038 MHz.  It never used to do that.  In the past, it would have gone to 14.004 MHz and would have stayed there.  I have de-installed and re-installed HRD, but for whatever reason, it doesn't want to behave properly anymore.  And while I'm trying to save up for the PX3, I really don't want to pop a hundred bucks for the new version of HRD. Log4OM is not behaving that way, it's acting like it should and it's free, so ............... I think you can see where I'm headed.

I have played around with the DX Lab Suite and for some reason it would not import about a 1,000 of my QSOs via ADIF import.  The same thing happened with Logger32. Log4OM imported every single QSO that I had in HRD. I was looking at nGenLog and kind of liked it, but for some reason after the initial session, it hangs up and freezes my computer when trying start up the next session. It's so bad that I have to hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE to access the Task Manager in order to stop the program and get the computer running again.

Maybe it's also time for a new computing platform in the shack.

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. DXing is second only to baseball when it comes to keeping track of stats! :-)

    FWIW, HRD Logbook does the same thing (return to the original band/frequency) with my K3 when I double-click on a cluster spot that's on a different band. And sometimes it will return to the original band after I manually change bands and THEN double-click on the cluster spot! It is annoying as hell. Oddly, this doesn't happen when using HRD's other cluster display (in the main rig control program), not does it happen with N1MM or any other logging program I've tried. Definitely an HRD Logbook issue.