Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This time it was QRP!

I worked JT1AA/3 in Mongolia again tonight. This time it was different, though - it was on 15 Meters instead of 17 Meters for a new band, and 5 Watts did the trick this time. It took a couple of repeats, even with another station trying to send right over me, but Gan's terrific ears pulled my signal out of the aether.

Mongolia on 5 Watts - covering a distance of about 6,320 miles. Very cool beans!

In addition, thanks to some helpful direction from Terry G4POP and Daniele IW3HMH, I was able to solve a slight problem with Log4OM that was baffling me.  When I would mouse click on a station in the DX Cluster, the KX3 would go right to the proper frequency - but the radio would change modes and go into CW REV.  It didn't matter if I was changing frequencies between bands or within a band.  Whenever I clicked, I would jump to the right frequency - but the mode would always change from CW to CW REV.

So on Terry and Daniele's suggestion, I went into the configuration files for the K3 in OmniRig (the CAT program that Log4OM uses). There I saw the commands for CW and CW REV. The command for CW-U was MD7 and the command for CW-L was MD3. So I flipped them, saved the file, restarted everything and now it works fine. Geez, at this rate, I might become a software problem solver in about a hundred years or so!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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  1. Larry - Congrats OM on working JT1AA with QRP. Really fantastic and not
    to be sneezed at! Awesome.
    Jim W1PID