Friday, April 04, 2014

Looks like I was right - for once! ;-)

I nailed it as far as guessing what the new KX3 product would be - the PX3! A small companion panadapter for the KX3.

No idea when it will ship and the asking price for the kit is $499.95. ($569.95 assembled) It looks really nice and I just might consider it for the shack KX3.  Time will tell. I'm not ordering it this weekend, even though Elecraft is taking orders already.  I'll let the guys who have to have every single piece of Elecraft gear there is jump in line ahead of me.

The downside is that now until the darn thing is being shipped, there will probably be nothing else discussed on the KX3 reflector.

Let the whining and peeing and moaning begin!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. Hams just aren't happy if they don't have SOMETHING to whine about, Elecraft is providing a valuable service with their long preorder lead times and I will be in the midst of the moaning.

  2. Congrats Larry, when I read the post from Elecraft I was stumped and then I read your blog and your guess about a P3 for the KX3.......I thought....that's it!! well done.