Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A couple of things

then bed.

I just got home from some CERT training on how to assist EMS personnel in the event an evacuation by medivac helicopter is requested. It was an informative class, and didn't last long; but it was a long day at work and I am beat. I wanted, however, to make my QRP friends aware of a couple of things.

First - Friday, October 30th - Mischief  Night, Devil's Night, Prank Night, Goosey Night, Cabbage Night or whatever you might call it is the night for the Zombie Shuffle this year. THIS IS A FUN ONE! If you've never QRP contested before - this is where you get your feet wet. It is more of an operating event than a hard core contest.

And to give you a sense of the sense of humor behind the Zombie Shuffle  -why is it called the Zombie Shuffle and not the Zombie Sprint?  Because Zombies can't run! Believe me folks, this is one QRP contest that does not take itself too seriously!

So do yourself a huge favor - go to the Zombie Shuffle Webpage, read the rules and download yourself an official Zombie badge, and plane to join in on the fun. And there's lots of fun to be had.

Second - got this notice through an e-mail. There's a new QRP publication in town!

This is the official promo - NOT written by W2LJ:

New ‘Minimum QRP’ book released A new operating guide is helping amateur worldwide get the most from their QRP station.

‘Minimum QRP: Doing more with under five watt amateur radio’ contains tested strategies for low power success on the HF bands. Equipment, antennas and operating are all covered in detail.

Its crafty tips for working the most with the least should become more valuable as solar activity declines in the next few years.

‘Minimum QRP’ is for a broad worldwide audience. Newcomers, the more experienced and those returning to amateur radio are already benefiting from its contents with brisk early sales since its release.

‘Minimum QRP’ is exclusively available as a Kindle e-book. You can read it on a portable e-reader, your home PC or other device. Packed with over 200 pages of information it's yours for under $5.00 (US Dollars).

Further details, including a cover photo, table of contents, list of reviews and ordering information can be found at

About the author: Peter Parker VK3YE is a long-time builder, writer and video producer on QRP topics. Minimum QRP is his first ebook. (Note by W2LJ - When he's not saving the world as Spider-Man - OK, folks, just a joke that I couldn't resist!)

His articles and videos appear at , and various magazines including Sprat, Lo-Key and Amateur Radio. Enquiries about Minimum QRP:

You folks know I don't normally go around advertising people's products - but Peter Parker? C'mon! I've been a Spider-Man fan since I was about 6 years old! How could I not spread news about a book written by a guy named Peter Parker? And it's about QRP to boot!  I may even plunk down the half of a sawbuck for this one!

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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