Wednesday, April 26, 2017

"Hearing crickets"

I guess that's a relatively new saying.  When someone says something that is so outrageous or so amazingly stupid that it deserves no response from anyone - it is often said that "All he heard was crickets".

Thanks to the 4 States QRP Group, soon we'll be hearing an entirely different kind of Cricket.  This kind of Cricket:

This kind of Cricket is an 80 Meter QRP transceiver designed by David Wayne Cripe NM0S. It was the OzarkCon Build Project this year.  As you can see from the photo, it's all through-hole parts - no SMD.  A great project for the first time builder.

It's based on the Pixie, but is much better than a Pixie.  No toroids to wind (you can see the coils etched into the board), and it also comes with an included straight key. However, if you want to use your favorite keyer and paddles, there's an input for that. The Cricket also uses MOSFETS for improved sensitivity and switching and uses a NJM2113D for the audio amp.

All the details and specs can be found at

All proceeds go towards keeping OzarkCon a viable yearly event.  QRPers helping other QRPers - what's better than that?

In other news ............

"Morsum Magnificat" was a great little periodical produced by Zyg Nilski G3OKD, devoted to Morse telegraphy and those who love it. I was a subscriber, until the publication ceased in 2004.  Some (a lot) of issues are now available for downloads as .pdf files.  You can go here to download.   "Morsum Magnificat" was really a niche publication. You really have to have an interest in Morse Code telegraphy and its history to appreciate it. Thanks to N7CFO for making these available to us!

72 de Larry W2LJ
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