Tuesday, October 22, 2019

You learn something new, everyday!

KX3 owners - here's something that I didn't know existed. Guess I didn't RTFM well enough. From Wayne N6KR:

The KX3, like the K3/K3S and KX2, has full stereo audio. But it has one special audio effects mode the others don't: binaural-audio pitch mapping.

When pitch-mapping is in effect, stations lower in frequency are mapped lower in audio pitch, and higher-frequency signals are mapped higher in pitch. A station tuned to your nominal sidetone pitch would be in the middle.

This creates an audio "stage," of sorts, where it's easy to pick out different "instruments." The overall effect is to reduce listening fatigue in contests or anytime a band is crowded.

Headphones or dual external speakers are of course required to use PITCH and other binaural audio modes.

To turn on pitch mapping, set MENU:AFX MD to PITCH.


And here I thought the Dual Receive was one of the coolest features of the KX3. I am going to make sure this is turned on tonight!


And here's some more from Wayne !!!!

At Pacificon I discovered that some long-time KX2 and KX3 users were not aware of the Morse-audio feedback feature. This was provided for blind operators, but it's also useful for mobile, as well as too-tired-to-look-at-the-panel mode (e.g., halfway through Field Day).

To turn on Morse control feedback, set MENU:SW TONE to one of the "CODE nn" settings (nn is the code speed).

When this is in effect:

- Tapping switches or rotating controls emits their setting in Morse. For switch functions, a low tone indicates OFF and a high tone indicates ON.

- Morse feedback of the current VFO frequency can be obtained by tapping DISP.

- SWR and power output are also reported following TUNE or ATU TUNE.

Note for blind operators: We have plain-text versions of the KX2 and KX3 manuals available that physically describe all of the control locations.


How cool is this?

72 de Larry W2LJ
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  1. I as well just learned something too Larry and am also going to give it a go this evening with my KX3.