Friday, January 03, 2020

Thank you, Delaware Valley Radio Assocation!

As I've stated here, before - I am so happy to have worked W2T and W2P which commemorate the crucial turn of events in the Revolutionary War that occurred here in New Jersey. In fact, you can still work W2P through Sunday,  January 5th.

If you want to see EXACTLY what the DVRA is commemorating, here's a video that I came across that explains everything - it's just under a half hour long, so grab the popcorn and enjoy!

Two Amateur Radio related notes: 

1) "It's a fine fox chase, my boys!" - The Rallying Cry of the QRP Fox Hunts - Thank you, General Washington!

2) The narrator mentions that after the battles, the General and the Continental Army retreat to the safety of Morristown to billet for the winter. This would be at Jockey Hollow, which is now part of Morristown National Historical Park, which Dave KD2FSI and I (and many others) activated for NPOTA.

If you're ever in New Jersey, please take the opportunity to visit Jockey Hollow. In many ways, it was as bad, if not worse, than the famous winter at Valley Forge. The video mentions how General Washington ordered the troops be inoculated against a small pox epidemic. Inoculation was as, if not more so, controversial than it is today. It was a bold and providential action.

72 de Larry W2LJ
QRP - When you care to send the very least!

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